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The first edition of Fixing Africa, in May 2009, announced that massive change was coming to the continent. That it would be led by the youth and enabled by Information Technology.

The second edition is now available below for free download. Some changes have been made to take into the account the numerous feedback received. Many thanks to all those who sent words of encouragement and positive vibrations.

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Please share the e-book and the news about this initiative with your friends, contacts and the influential people to whom you have access.
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Egypt World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 127,966 52th
Population (Million) 76.6 17th
Capital Cairo
Main Resources Tourism, natural gas, agriculture
Famous For Rich history, friendly and proud people
Algeria World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 134,275 50th
Population (Million) 34.9 37th
Capital Algiers
Main Resources Oil & Gas
Famous For Independence war against France, Rai music
Tunisia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 35,010 75th
Population (Million) 10.3 78th
Capital Tunis
Main Resources Tourism, oil, textiles, agriculture
Famous For Peaceful revolution which sparked a wave of change across the Arab world
Libya World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 69,929 61th
Population (Million) 6.4 100th
Capital Tripoli
Main Resources Oil & Gas
Famous For Oil wealth
Sudan World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 46,228 65th
Population (Million) 42.3 33th
Capital Khartoum
Main Resources Oil, cotton, livestock
Famous For
Chad World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 6,965 126th
Population (Million) 11.2 74th
Capital N'Djamena
Main Resources Oil, cotton, livestock
Famous For Exploits militaires, Promising oil prospects
Ethiopia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 19,431 95th
Population (Million) 79.2 15th
Capital Addis Ababa
Main Resources Coffee, tea, livestock, migrant remittances
Famous For Only African country never colonized, runners, beautiful women
Morocco World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 75,116 56th
Population (Million) 31.4 40th
Capital Rabat
Main Resources Tourism, phosphate, agriculture
Famous For Tourism, good food, urban poverty
World Rank
GDP (Million USD) th
Population (Million) th
Main Resources
Famous For
Mauritania World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 2,819 148th
Population (Million) 3.3 128th
Capital Nouakchott
Main Resources Iron, fishing, oil
Famous For Promising oil prospects
Senegal World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 11,183 112th
Population (Million) 12.5 71th
Capital Dakar
Main Resources Tourism, phosphate, peanuts, cotton
Famous For Intellectuals, Islamic sects, good food, music
Guinea World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 4,157 138th
Population (Million) 10.1 80th
Capital Conakry
Main Resources Bauxite, gold, diamonds, agriculture
Famous For Mineral wealth
Sierra Leone World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 1,665 153th
Population (Million) 5.7 106th
Capital Freetown
Main Resources Diamonds, gold, coffee, cocoa
Famous For Diamonds, beautiful beaches
Liberia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 735 165th
Population (Million) 3.9 122th
Capital Monrovia
Main Resources Diamonds, timber, agriculture
Famous For Minerals
Côte d'Ivoire World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 19,824 94th
Population (Million) 21.1 55th
Capital Abidjan
Main Resources Oil, cocoa, coffee, cotton
Famous For Cheerful people, zouglou music (1er gaou…), first president Houphouet-Boigny
Mali World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 6,940 127th
Population (Million) 13.0 70th
Capital Bamako
Main Resources Gold, cotton, livestock, migrant remittances
Famous For Singers, footballers, large diaspora, gold
Burkina Faso World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 6,751 129th
Population (Million) 15.8 62th
Capital Ouagadougou
Main Resources Cotton, gold, livestock
Famous For Integrity, FESPACO film festival, cycling
Ghana World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 15,160 100th
Population (Million) 23.8 48th
Capital Accra
Main Resources Gold, cocoa, diamonds, tourism
Famous For Kwame Nkrumah, Jerry Rawlings, gold
Niger World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 4,174 137th
Population (Million) 15.3 64th
Capital Niamey
Main Resources Uranium, gold, livestock
Famous For Tuareg people, Tenere desert
Nigeria World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 166,985 41th
Population (Million) 154.7 8th
Capital Abuja
Main Resources Oil & Gas, manufacturing, agriculture
Famous For Creative people
Cameroon World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 20,686 90th
Population (Million) 19.6 57th
Capital Yaounde
Main Resources Oil, timber, cotton, coffee, cocoa
Famous For Football, diverse population and geography
Central African Republic World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 1,714 152th
Population (Million) 4.4 120th
Capital Bangui
Main Resources Diamonds, cotton, timber
Famous For
Gabon World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 11,584 109th
Population (Million) 1.5 143th
Capital Libreville
Main Resources Oil, timber
Famous For Oil
Republic of the Congo World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 7,657 123th
Population (Million) 3.85 125th
Capital Brazzaville
Main Resources Oil, timber
Famous For Music, litterature
Democratic Republic of the Congo World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 10,423 114th
Population (Million) 66.0 20th
Capital Kinshasa
Main Resources Copper, diamonds, gold, agriculture
Famous For Mineral wealth
Uganda World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 11,785 108th
Population (Million) 32.7 39th
Capital Kampala
Main Resources Coffee, tea, tourism
Famous For
Zambia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 11,411 110th
Population (Million) 13.0 69th
Capital Lusaka
Main Resources Copper, minerals, tourism
Famous For Copper
Angola World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 61,334 62th
Population (Million) 18.5 59th
Capital Luanda
Main Resources Oil & Gas, diamonds
Famous For Oil, diamonds
Zimbabwe World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 4,723 135th
Population (Million) 12.5 72th
Capital Harare
Main Resources Tabacco, agriculture, livestock, minerals
Famous For
Namibia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 7,446 125th
Population (Million) 2.2 136th
Capital Windhoek
Main Resources Diamonds, gold, uranium, livestock, fishing
Famous For Independence war, diamonds
Botswana World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 12,382 104th
Population (Million) 2.0 138th
Capital Gaborone
Main Resources Diamonds, livestock, copper, tourism
Famous For Good governance, diamonds, AIDS epidemic
South Africa World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 283,071 30th
Population (Million) 48.7 27th
Capital Pretoria
Main Resources Gold, diamonds, agriculture, tourism
Famous For Mandela, diverse population, gold, diamonds
Somalia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 2,509 149th
Population (Million) 9.1 88th
Capital Mogadishu
Main Resources Livestock, migrant remittances
Famous For Instability, the resilience of its people
Kenya World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 27,026 80th
Population (Million) 39.8 34th
Capital Nairobi
Main Resources Tourism, coffee, tea, agriculture
Famous For Tourism, Masai tribe
Tanzania World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 16,691 97th
Population (Million) 43.7 32th
Capital Dodoma
Main Resources Gold, tourism, agriculture, iron
Famous For Mount Kilimandjaro, Serengeti, Zanzibar
Mozambique World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 8,069 120th
Population (Million) 22.9 51th
Capital Maputo
Main Resources Minerals, timber, fishing, natural gas
Famous For Economic recovery after civil war
Madagascar World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 7,711 121th
Population (Million) 19.6 58th
Capital Antananarivo
Main Resources Agriculture, minerals
Famous For Bio-diversity, difficult to pronounce names
Cape Verde World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 1,445 155th
Population (Million) 0.5 160th
Capital Praia
Main Resources Banana, fishing, tourism
Famous For Cesaria Evora
Equatorial Guinea World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 12,574 103th
Population (Million) 0.7 155th
Capital Malabo
Main Resources Oil & Gas, timber
Famous For Oil wealth
Seychelles World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 712 166th
Population (Million) 0.1 173th
Capital Victoria
Main Resources Tourism, fishing
Famous For Tourism
Comoros World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 466 173th
Population (Million) 0.7 157th
Capital Moroni
Main Resources Cashew nuts, spices, migrant remittances
Famous For Large diaspora
Mauritius World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 6,928 128th
Population (Million) 1.3 147th
Capital Port Louis
Main Resources Tourism, financial services, textiles, sugar
Famous For Tourism, offshore banking
Lesotho World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 1,598 154th
Population (Million) 2.0 140th
Capital Maseru
Main Resources Hydro-electricity, livestock, tourism
Famous For Stability, AIDS epidemic
Swaziland World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 2,890 147th
Population (Million) 1.2 148th
Capital Mbabane
Main Resources Agriculture, livestock, tourism
Famous For High profile king, AIDS epidemic
Eritrea World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 1,316 156th
Population (Million) 5.1 112th
Capital Asmara
Main Resources Copper, oil, migrant remittances
Famous For Large diaspora
The Gambia World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 644 167th
Population (Million) 1.7 141th
Capital Banjul
Main Resources Agriculture, fishing
Famous For Tourism, stability
Guinea Bissau World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 356 176th
Population (Million) 1.6 142th
Capital Bissau
Main Resources Cashew nuts, fishing
Famous For Independence war, bad governance, instability
Togo World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 2,497 150th
Population (Million) 6.6 99th
Capital Lome
Main Resources Phosphate, coffee, cocoa, cotton
Famous For Charming capital city
Benin World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 5,566 134th
Population (Million) 8.9 89th
Capital Porto-Novo
Main Resources Cotton, fishing
Famous For Voodoo, stability, intellectuals
Rwanda World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 3,339 145th
Population (Million) 10.0 83th
Capital Kigali
Main Resources Agriculture, minerals, tourism
Famous For Economic recovery
Burundi World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 974 162th
Population (Million) 8.3 92th
Capital Bujumbura
Main Resources Agriculture, minerals
Famous For
Malawi World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 3,561 143th
Population (Million) 15.3 65th
Capital Lilongwe
Main Resources Agriculture
Famous For Stability, AIDS epidemic
São Tomé and Príncipe World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 145 179th
Population (Million) 0.1 178th
Capital São Tomé
Main Resources Agriculture, fishing
Famous For Promising oil prospects
Djibouti World Rank
GDP (Million USD) 850 164th
Population (Million) 0.9 150th
Capital Djibouti
Main Resources Services, fishing, military base leases
Famous For Strategic location, stability


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